6 Best Spirulina Powder 2017

The benefits of using Spirulina powder in your diet have been proven by users and there has been positive research carried out but with such a new and more in-demand product, there is much more to be done. With less to go on than if you were to choose the best vitamins on the market, deciding which is the best Spirulina powder can be difficult.

To help make your decision easier, we have gathered all of the most important buying information, tips and top products on the market in this comprehensive guide.

Remember This When Buying Spirulina Powder

  • How Will You Be Taking the Powder? There is the option to use the powder in smoothies or juice, take the powder straight or it can be found in pill form. You should determine which method you will be using as it may be better to choose a less expensive powder if it is not going to be directly tasted.
  • What Is Your Reason for Taking the Spirulina Powder? This superfood seems to have endless benefits. It suppresses appetite to promote weight loss, boosts your immune system to ward off illnesses and improves digestion to promote overall good health. If you are taking this product as an addition to your normal diet, then the pills are the most convenient option to add with meals. The powder is better for those using the product in conjunction with a training or weight loss program as it can be added to protein smoothies.

Top 6 Spirulina Powders Table

PictureNameRange of SizesPrice Per OunceRating (1-5)
PictureNameRange of SizesPrice Per OunceRating (1-5)
1. Nutrex Hawaii Hawaiian Spirulina5oz – 32oz$$$4.6
2. Spirulina Powder: MAJU's California Grown8oz – 16oz$4.6
3. SUPER GREENS | Organic Vegan8.5oz$$$$4.5
4. Sari Organic Spirulina16oz$$4.5
5. Triquetra Health Organic Spirulina 8oz$$4.4
6. Starwest Botanicals Organic Spirulina16oz$3.8

What Makes Good Spirulina Powders

  • Taste. In a general sense Spirulina powder tastes like a combination of seaweed and fish which may make it unpleasant for some buyers. Some brands offer a stronger taste than others. This information can be found by trial and error or reading the reviews.
  • Company Age. Though the popularity of the product is new, there are companies that have been producing the best Spirulina powder since the 1970’s. While each company uses their own processes and sources, the ones that have been making the powder the longest tend to have the best quality product.
  • Quality. The quality of the Spirulina powder that you choose can change all aspects of the effectiveness. Having a high quality powder means not wasting your money on a product that doesn’t achieve the desired results.
  • Organic. Many Spirulina powder manufacturing is done from enriched water sources or with additives in the final product. Organic is the best option if you are looking for a more natural, high quality product, though these often have a stronger taste.

Top 3 Best Spirulina Powder Reviews

1. Hawaiian Spirulina

Whether you are new to using Spirulina powder or have been adding it into your diet for years, you will love the results of taking Nutrex Hawaii Pure. This powder tastes better than the competition without compromising any of its superfood qualities. Even though this particular powder does taste better, it still has the normal flavor, which means that it is best to be taken in a smoothie or clean spring water.

The powder version of this product is the one that will get the best results. This brand has not been certified as organic, though the company has a reputation for quality so you can trust that you are getting the product with the ingredients as can be seen on the label.

2. MAJU’s California Grown

MAJU’s is often considered the best Spirulina powder because it has all of the qualities that you want and none of the side effects or aspects that you don’t. Comparing this to other brands makes it clear that this one is superior. You can add this to your daily meals or as part of a smoothie and you will barely notice the taste.

This particular product is grown in the USA, which may also be a positive factor over the brands that are less regulated and have products that come from abroad without quality control. You will get seriously positive results with your health and there are even great recipes like Spirulina pesto to mix this into your family’s diet too.


Enhancing your diet and your nutrition overall starts with taking IntraNaturals Super Greens. This product contains a combination of whole foods nutrition, vitamins and Spirulina. There is literally no downside to adding this into your daily routine or to use when fighting illness.

The organic ingredients mean that you will never have to worry about additives or negative side effects. You will have more energy and feel better overall when you take this product.

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