10 Best Potassium Supplements 2017

Potassium is a mineral that is naturally occurring in the body and plays an important part in a number of essential processes of the body. However, despite its importance, it is still easy to take for granted.

Potassium is naturally occurring in the body and it can also be gained from some foods that are readily available, such as avocado and banana.

Though it might be nice, it is not always possible to get the amount of potassium that you need from a normal diet.

A deficiency of potassium can have a detrimental effect on the health, so with the use of the best potassium supplement, these can be avoided.

Top 10 Potassium Supplements Table

PictureNameFormatPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameFormatPriceRating (1-5)
1. BulkSupplements Pure Potassium Citrate PowderPowder$$$4.8
2. Twinlab Potassium CapsulesCapsules$$$$4.7
3. Pure Science Potassium GluconateCapsules$$$4.7
4. Solaray Potassium SupplementCapsules$$4.7
5. Now Foods Potassium CitrateCapsules$4.6
6. Now Foods Potassium Gluconate Pure PowderPowder$$4.6
7. Nature Made Potassium GluconateTablets$4.5
8. Member's Mark Formerly Simply Right Potassium CapletsCaplets$$4.5
9. Potassium BicarbonatePowder$4.5
10. Nature's Bounty Potassium GluconateCaplets$4.4

The Purpose of Potassium in the Body

Of all the minerals present in the body, potassium is close to the top of the list when considered by quantity. Accordingly, it is important to maintain sufficient levels as part of a normal diet.

It is an electrolyte that helps to maintain the health of several organs as well as the processes for which they are required.

They are needed by all of us and are available from a wide range of foods, such as chicken, salmon, whole milk, potatoes and almonds. Though the processes used to prepare some food can often result in many of the nutrients being depleted, including potassium.

Many people should be able to get a sufficient amount of potassium with a normal balanced diet. However, those who are unable to achieve this, such as due to allergies or other dietary restrictions, will benefit from taking a supplement.

Similarly, those people who require additional amounts because they deplete existing stores quickly, such as through intense exercise, may find it easier to take a supplement to ensure that the full benefit of the nutrient can be achieved.

It can be difficult to recognize that you are low in potassium as the symptoms can be those that are present for other ailments.

Symptoms of low potassium levels include:

  • Fatigue
  • Weak muscles
  • High blood pressure
  • Headaches
  • Heart palpitations
  • Digestive issues
  • Intestinal pain
  • In the long term, an increased risk of stroke, cancer and heart disease

By understanding what is needed from potassium, you can ensure that you get the best potassium supplement to suit your needs and ensure that you obtain the right amount for your body. The benefits that a potassium supplement can offer include:

  • Maintains the balance of water in the body.
  • Ensure good blood pressure.
  • Helps to ensure good bone health.
  • Maintain good heart health.
  • Reduces the instances of muscle cramping and twitching.
  • Controls the electrical activity of the brain, heart and other muscles.

Taking supplements can be an easy way to get additional potassium for those who need it, such as people who are unable to consume a balanced diet or who have blood pressure issues. However, it is recommended that medical advice is obtained before starting to take the supplements, especially by those who suffer kidney problems.

The use of potassium can cause the body to absorb a greater amount of calcium, which can be dangerous for those who have kidney problems and are unable to excrete waste products properly.

Use of supplements can make it easy to determine the exact amount of potassium being consumed as each serving will provide a specific number of milligrams, which will be shown on the packaging.

Potassium supplements are available in powder or capsules, making it possible to take it in the manner that is most convenient for you.

Top 3 Best Potassium Supplement Reviews

1. Bulk Supplements Pure Potassium Citrate

Bulk Supplements potassium comes in a pouch that contains 17.6oz of powder, though it is also available in different sizes. It is re-sealable and the slim width means that it does not require a lot of storage space.

It is pure potassium that does not contain any nasty fillers. The citrate formula means that it is made by combining it with citric acid, which improves the ability of it to be absorbed.

The potassium is in powder format, which makes it easy to consume the desired amount as it can be mixed the desired cold beverage. It does not have any taste to speak of, so it can be mixed with anything without it interfering with the flavor.

Bulk Supplements offers the best potassium supplement for those who want to avoid any additives.

2. Twinlab Potassium Capsules

The Twin Labs capsules contain potassium citrate with 99mg of the mineral in each capsule. The package contains 180 capsules, which is spread across three glass bottles.

The twist off cap is easy to use and helps to maintain the freshness of the capsules, as does the brown glass of the bottle, which limits the detrimental effect of sunlight.

They are effective at supporting a number of functions in the body and worked quickly to alleviate symptoms.

With the use of these capsules, there is no doubt as to the amount of potassium that is being consumed because the amount is stated per capsule.

The Twin Labs potassium capsules are an easy way to increase your potassium intake without any side effects.

3. Pure Science Potassium Gluconate

The capsules from Pure Science contain 99mg of potassium each with the jar containing 100 of them.

The potassium absorbed by the body comes from the 595mg of potassium gluconate. One a day taken with meals is sufficient to provide the 99mg.

The capsules are an appropriate size to make them easy to swallow with a drink of water, and they did not result in any side effects.

They do not contain any animal products so they are suitable to be taken by vegetarians.

Pure Science potassium is an ideal way for vegetarians to aid good health.

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