6 Best Hair Vitamins for Black Hair 2017

Though any hairdresser will tell you that hair is hair, no matter whose head it is growing from, black hair can require a little more TLC than most.

The first port of call for many will be to use external care methods, but this does not mean that it is not also possible to care for the hair from the inside out.

When you take proper care of your body, this will show in your hair.

By considering the best hair vitamins for black hair, it is possible to keep your hair in the best condition possible.

Top 6 Hair Vitamins for Black Hair Comparison

PictureNameQuantityPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameQuantityPriceRating (1-5)
1. 4 Months Hairfinity Vitamins Healthy Hair240$$$$4.5
2. DasGro Hair Formula60$$$4.4
3. Nutrevita Biotin Supplement for Hair Growth60$$4.4
4. African American Hair Growth Vitamins60$4.2
5. Vibrance Vitamins for Hair Growth60$$$4.1
6. Fast Grow Ethnic Hair Growth Vitamins180$$$3.8

Reasons Why the Best Hair Vitamins for Black Hair Are Necessary

  • Moisture. Black hair can quickly become dry and, therefore, can benefit from vitamins that add and retain moisture.
  • Texture. Black hair tends to have more texture than other hair types, which can result in the shaft of the hair having a curl or wave. This will create an increased number of stress points in comparison to straight hair, but breakage can be reduced by using the right vitamins.
  • Thickness. Naturally thick hair can quickly become thin hair if it is not treated in the right way and is not allowed to benefit from effective vitamins suitable for hair.
  • External Conditions. Black hair has a number of enemies, such as wind, rain, central heating and air conditioning, and vitamins can be used to rectify the resulting damage.
  • Styling. Most people will always seek to look their best, which will often include their crowning glory. However, excessive treatments and styling can result in damaged hair, which can require vitamins to help rectify.

Top 3 Black Hair Vitamins Reviews

1. Hairfinity Vitamins

While I know that all of us lose a certain number of hairs per day, I was still worried about the amount of hair I was finding in my comb after styling my hair. I wanted something that would at least lessen this issue and tried these Hairfinity Vitamin capsules.

Rather than one big jar, they come in four regular sized ones with 60 capsules in each one. The 240 total quantity is a four month supply on the basis that the recommended daily serving is two capsules.

I took the two capsules at the same time with breakfast, just as I would with any other vitamins.

The ingredients are designed to nourish the body, which – in turn – nourish the hair and improve its condition.

It contains a range of good stuff, like B vitamins, which promotes a healthy scalp and healthy hair, and biotin, which produces keratin, an essential substance for healthy hair.

I took the capsules every morning and started to see and feel a difference to my hair just as I was finishing the first jar.

My hair was distinctly less dry than normal and looked like it was in better condition.

It is costly way to get longer, thicker hair, but it does work.

2. Pure DasGro Hair Formula

I like the idea of using products made from natural ingredients, and these Pure DasGro vitamins satisfy that requirement.

They contain a range of ingredients, such as biotin, silica, folic acid, green tea and a number of B vitamins.

These capsules claim to stimulate the hair follicles to promote hair growth with the use of these natural ingredients, and do not include any yeast, preservatives or any artificial colors or flavors.

My hair doesn’t really seem to grow, so I wanted something that would change this and thicken it.

I took two capsules a day: one in the morning and one at lunchtime. There is no aftertaste, but I took them with a meal anyway.

I was very pleased to see an improvement to my hairline after about 20 days, with the fine hairs looking fuller.

Good quality vitamins that I will continue to use.

3. Nutrevita Biotin

After many years of enjoying a range of styles that took advantage of my hair rather than benefitting it, I needed some vitamins that would be effective at reversing the damage and tried these Nutevita Biotin capsules.

I am usually prone to dry ends, which end up splitting if I am not vigilant and I saw an improvement to this problem after about 10 days. The condition of my hair was better and it looked great.

I took capsules a day with a meal and they were easy to swallow, like any other vitamins.

One of the best hair vitamins for black hair that I have used, and will definitely do so again.

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